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Who We Are

Ratio Law is a specialist property law firm located in the heart of Manchester.

We are experts in all matters relating to commercial property, property finance and retail property. Each Ratio Director has top tier city law firm expertise, which, along with a small but strong and effective team, enables the firm to provide clients with an exceptionally high quality of service coupled with a remarkably low client-director ratio.

We like to think we’re the type of lawyers we’d want to deal with. If you like the sound of this; get in touch. We’d love to chat.

Our Specialties


In the multifaceted realm of legal practice, a specialised legal team dedicated to property as well as banking & property finance, embodies a dynamic convergence of disciplines. Within the intricate landscape of property law, these legal experts navigate the complexities of real estate transactions, land use regulations, and property development.


Property Finance

Joanna Norris - Director


Chas Arya - Practice Manager